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Where It All Began



Sarah is an Assistant Professor of Art and the Director of Art and Digital Media at Bethany College. She has had a love for drawing, movies, and nature since she was a child and once she discovered the world of animation through a fateful encounter with the animators in Disney World, she thought she had found her vocation, until she discovered teaching. Sarah brings her love and passion of all things art, nature, and entertainment into her work. She has been instructing various courses in the Digital Media and Studio Art majors, since 2013 at Bethany College. Sarah has a BFA in 3D Animation and over fifteen years of experience in the animation industry and is currently earning her MFA in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to her animation experience, Sarah also brings to Bethany College a diverse artistic and professional background which includes professional photography, studio art, graphic design, and jewelry design.  Want to know more? Contact me.

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